When your investments change lives you impact the world. We help uncover lucrative real estate impact investment opportunities that make a difference.

How We Impact

A few of the ways we Impact Members

Future Skills

One of the largest impacts that we can make is helping develop the Members of our communities. We accomplish this for the younger Members through after school programs and activities. We also invite Members of all ages who are interested in our on-site life coaching sessions to enhance their skill sets and evolve how they handle life situations.

Robust Lives

We believe that an active healthy life leads to a happy successful life. We offer Members the opportunity to learn about health and nutrition through onsite classes and training. We may be in one of our model homes holding a cooking and nutrition class or you can find us in the yard swinging kettlebells and practicing Yoga.

Enriched Communities

We believe that everyone should feel like they belong, we accomplish this by deliberately making efforts to introduce our new Members to their new neighbors and also introduce them to other like-minded Members who are also part of the community. Friendships and connections are the lifeblood of humanity and we strive to create a strong bond with and for our Members.


Our planet is all we all have and we believe in protecting it as much as we possibly can. Our communities are growing which allows us to create and deploy sustainable programs in our impact investment opportunities that make a difference. From recycling programs to energy conservation, we attempt to create building operations that reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.

How Can Your Investment
Portfolio Make A Difference?

Choose to walk away from opportunities that do not align with your own values.
Choose to be a champion for brands that you believe, see their vision and align with their values. Talk about them, post about them and most importantly invest with them.
When you make your money matter you become part of the movement! Be proud - goodwill is infectious, spread the ripple effect to those in your own life.

Is your portfolio creating the impact you want?

Knowing that your money is making a difference in changing lives and the environment is something that provides for an incredibly rewarding feeling. If you question your current portfolio of investments and are wondering if you could be doing better, go ahead and schedule a time to talk with us, we love connecting with others who are looking to make impact investing a priority.