About Us


JP Albano

Co- Founder and CEO

After selling more than $200MM in enterprise sales to clients. JP set out to create passive income and become financially free. What he discovered was that he loved the real estate business.

JP met his business partner Matt Shields and the two decided to partner and build a business together.

After purchasing a few apartment deals they found inspiration and a mentor in Howard Primer. Though this serendipitous meeting (insert link to story that I told in the video), we re-formulated our business taking inspiration from what Mr. Primer built 20 years earlier.

This led us to build and brand Significan Lifestyle Communities (SignificanLC) – a vertically integrated multifamily investment firm that focuses on value-add apartments with a focus on high-value customer service for our renters.

Today, JP has owned and operated 700 apartment units in three states and completed $60MM in real estate.


Matt Shields

Co- Founder and COO

Having achieved success in the world of technology and entrepreneurship, Matt reached a point in his life. Driven by a burning desire for financial freedom and the allure of passive income, he started on a path that would change his life forever when he started learning multifamily real estate investing.

As fate would have it Matt crossed paths with JP Albano, a like-minded individual hungry for success. Recognizing the potential of their partnership, Matt and JP joined forces, united by a shared vision to create something extraordinary.

Together, they took the plunge into the realm of real estate, starting with the acquisition of a few promising apartment deals. However, their true turning point came when JP met Howard Primer, a mentor who would become their guiding light. In a fortuitous twist of fate, Matt and JP found inspiration and wisdom in Howard’s story, a tale that resonated deeply with their own aspirations.

Empowered by this encounter, Matt and JP embarked on a journey of transformation. Drawing inspiration from the principles and values instilled by Mr. Primer two decades prior, they reimagined their business model, birthing Significan Lifestyle Communities (SignificanLC) – a multifaceted, vertically integrated firm specializing in value-add apartment investments. SignificanLC sought to create a truly remarkable living experience for their valued renters.

Today, Matt stands proud as a seasoned real estate investor, having owned and operated a portfolio comprising 700 apartment units across three states. His relentless dedication and strategic acumen have facilitated transactions totaling an impressive $60 million, a testament to his unwavering pursuit of excellence in the realm of real estate.

What We Believe

We came together to change the way multifamily is done. Using the guiding principles, proven systems, and established procedures of the Primer EthicTM we created our AntastafaeTM brand of ethics and style of management that we employ in our communities. SignificanLC is determined to improve the world, one community at a time, by serving one person at a time. We believe that the most effective way to do this is by positively influencing one of mankind’s basic needs – shelter!

Our core values drive how we work, how we serve the members of our communities, and how we support our stakeholders. We feel that our investors are best served when we make our customers the key stakeholders. By improving the lives of those that live in our communities, helping them feel more connected to their neighbors and providing them a sense of significance, investors naturally benefit from the substantial value enhancement resulting from improved operating outcomes caused by growing revenues and reductions in turnover.

Our customer first approach in housing is proven and unique. It is the right thing to do for humanity and as it turns out, it is great for business.

What We Do

Our Core Values

Unique Value Proposition

The Primer EthicTM

Our management style and operational approach is based on The Primer EthicTM. SignificanLC is licensed to use The Primer EthicTM and the Significan team is trained to properly apply the approach.

The AntastafaeTM Management Style

We brand our style of management and ethic as AntastafaeTM. Communities are not AntastafaeTM level the day we take over, they must aspire to become them as we work to improve and enhance the amenities, operations and culture of the property. Our goal is to create brand awareness in the market that we operate to attract the clientele that values what we stand for and offer with respect to our unique service.

Institutions We Have Worked With