Having been trained by the best in the industry, with mentors such as Jake & Gino of Wheelbarrow Profits Academy, Chris Jackson of Sharpline Equity, Neal Bawa of Grocaptius and ultimately groomed by the Godfather of Putting People First philosophy and process, Howard Primer, JP Albano and Matt Shields bring the best elements from their years of training, education and hands-on property operations and management work to change how housing is done today.


Matt Shields

Matt Shields is one of the two founding principles of Significan Lifestyle Communities. He has been a lifelong resident of Northeast Ohio and is also the founder of Virtus Ventures, a successful digital transformation company located in Independence, Ohio.

JP Albano

Prior to starting Co-founding Signifcan, JP worked as an Enterprise Account Manager for a Technology Reseller in the NYC metro region. Managing relationships and adding value for this costumers, JP understands how to solve problems for his clients and create “win-win-win” situations for them and for vendors. JP has transacted well over $100M in sales during his career.


Our core values drive how we work, how we serve the members of our communities and our stakeholders. While most multifamily businesses focus purely on serving their investors first and foremost, we feel while investors are critical to our impact, the key stakeholders are really our customers, the people that live in our communites, the people whose lives we are positively improving by neighbors and giving them a sense of significance. By taking care of the members of our communities first, investors naturally benefit from this re-focusing.

This concept is not new and we’ve been inspired by many of the firms of enderment that take this very same approach, with incredible success. It’s the right thing to do for humanity and as it turns out, it’s great for business.

Find Significance
No matter the situation, find a way to convey a feeling of significance to another

Say Cheese
Remember to smile when emotions get involved and pressure builds

Live with Integrity
We adhere to the highest standards of behavior and sound business ethics while building trust

I am Honored to Push Your Broom
We work collaboratively if another needs our help, no matter what it is, we work together to reach our goals.

We Respond to the Needs of Our Members
We have a responsibility to respond to any issue or any need of our Members

We Communicate Openly and Honestly
We encourage the open and honest expression of ideas and opinions and create an atmosphere in which timely information can flow smoothly.

Create Innovation
Always look for better ways of doing things, if there is an issue that keeps popping up ask “how can we do this better?”

When we first opened our doors it didn’t take us long to realize we weren’t in the real estate business, we are in the people business. We strive to be be respectful and compassionate we treat our members like guests. It’s what we all signed up for, and when our members need us the most we do what we have always done…..

Take care of people, the rest will follow.


The Team

Howard Primer

Strategic Advisor

Created Renaissance Property Group in 2002 with a mission to change how multifamily properties were managed. Over the course of the next 11 years he built a portfolio of more than 4000 units (homes). Because of his non traditional ethos for management he was able to generate returns for his investors that where unmatched by his competitors;

  • Industry Rent growth was flat but his people-first approach grew 18.2% 
  • Total Income Growth: 24.8% 
  • NOI Growth: 112.7% 
  • Premium on average rent: between 18.2% and 24.4% 
  • Full occupancy 
  • Multifamily Industry turnover >55% vs the People-First approach <37% 
  • Multifamily Industry employee turnover 43.4% vs People-First approach turnover <20%

Howard has joined Significan to offer strategic advice and industry connections to further expand the People First management style

Stacey Rivera

Back Office Manager

Stacey has been involved in the property management field since 2010. Over the course of her career, she has managed portfolios of 1000+ units in 3 different states. She helps with our bookkeeping and overall management of our property management software.